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Guild Info
Bleak Cabal
GM: Rageskull
Officers: Gromzar, Saronja, Streck.

Guild Type: Casual 10man
progression raiding

Raid Days/Times:

BH - 2/2
BWD - 6/6
BoT - 4/4
TotFW -2/2
FL- 7/7
DS - 0/8
Bleak Cabal is currently not recruiting because of inactivity.
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Game News
Hi all,

Welcome to Bleak Cabal's website.
A world of warcraft guild @ Draenor.

-Bleak Cabal-
Guild News
Other Guild News

It has begun.

Death-Rage, Oct 28, 11 2:19 AM.
Why do we intentionally wipe on bosses you ask? Well there is a simple reason for that, to speed up the progress on gromzar`s staff!. Gratts Gromzar on your first part!.

Ragnaros 9 manned on our first kill! (Tuesday).

Death-Rage, Oct 5, 11 6:43 PM.
11 people signed for the raid, 10 people went in, one had his computer crash on him. The other one had his internet die. Both before we even got to Ragnaros. What would most people do? They would either pug one member, or call the raid. What do Bleak Cabal do? We nine man that fiery fuck!.
This means we 9 manned the whole nerfed version of Firelands. We would rather have done it without the nerf, but since the nerf was forced upon us, we had no other choice!. 
As the guildmaster i would just say im proud of you guys for 9 manning the whole thing, and i`l be looking forward to doing a few heroics and the next tier with you all!.

Nerfs suck, Majordomo down.

Death-Rage, Sep 27, 11 9:04 PM.
So what do you do when you have 9 people signed, and don`t want to pug? Well you 9 man the newly nerfed to shit firelands ofc!. Too bad we didn`t have time enough to get ragyy down :S. Had we only had 10 more mins til raid end!.
We got majordomo down, but pff who cares it`s nerfed and way to easy. Even if we only did it with 9 people.
So basically if you are wondering if firelands is anything near hard now. Then the answer is no. Us 9 manning all the bosses up to raggy (and probably him as well had we had the time) should prove that. Happy hunting!

Alysrazor down before the nerf!

Death-Rage, Sep 20, 11 8:27 PM.
Annoyed at last weeks failures and recent lack of people (especially healers). We finally got a raid together and went to firelands. And we got alysrazor down! Epic performance everyone!. We also got 2 attempts at Majordomo and got him to 49%. So won't be long til he dies!. (Especially now that blizzard is nerfing it the bastards!).

Lack of healers, means lack of progress.

Death-Rage, Sep 15, 11 12:42 PM.
Lately we had yet again some canceled raids, due to some real life complications for some members, and some people leaving on vacation. This has basically shattered our current progression. I just want to point out that no the guild ain`t dying (not that anyone has mentioned that it is) It just means we have hit a snag til we either can: 1. Recruit some healers or 2. Our healers get back from vacation/Rl stuff that keeps em away from raiding.
Currently our problem is healing on Baleroc and Alysrazor. Having people going in their offspec just to heal does not help. (We really need our main healers for this). Everything else is working like clockwork, and the other bosses go down easily (Like Streck would say: "It's like hitting butter"). So take heart young ones we will weather this storm :).

- Deathrage.

Back in business!

Death-Rage, Sep 2, 11 4:34 AM.
After yet more canceled raids due to the lack of a healer and people going on break/leaving for another server, we are back!. Things are looking up and we took a trip to firelands and got Lord Rhyolith down, and a few good tries on Alysrazor!. Good job everyone!

It's kinda like the iron ball in a wooden maze game, except the ball is a huge fuck and the maze is trying to kill you!.

Bugs, have less fun with bugs!

Death-Rage, Aug 9, 11 3:58 PM.
After a few canceled raids, and having 2 raid nights wiping on Lord Rhyolith (getting him to 8% several times) We found out that apperantly there is mass rage on forums because Rhyolith is currently bugged. So instead we figured, hey lets try Baleroc instead!. 4 tries and he was dead. Stupid Blizzard, we could have had 2 down this week. :P Anyways, great job guys!. (Pardon the ugly screen, im still on my shitty slow laptop :S).

Two stupid dogs.

Death-Rage, Jul 19, 11 5:27 PM.
Went into Firelands raid today and got Shannox down! And on the killing blow we had no one dead! Excellent work guys!. Lord Rhyolith...You`re Next!.

Old Raids getting boring, and easy. So best to spice it up some!

Death-Rage, Jul 14, 11 3:52 PM.
We cleared TotFW/Bwd and BoT with only 9 people today, not much. But still, proof that you don`t have to be 10 man to do it. Also due to some miss-communication and someone who had to go afk, we managed to kill halfus while we had nether scion,storm rider, and slate dragon up all at once. What`s next? doing it naked? (or maybe you should start on some heroics you lazy bums..)

Itsy bitsy Spider....

Death-Rage, Jul 10, 11 6:23 PM.
Ain`t no Arachnophobia around here. We went to Firelands and got the first boss down, and with no deaths! (On the killing blow) Great job everyone!. (You gotta love the angle of the picture hehe).

Nerfed easymode Al`Akir Down

Death-Rage, Jun 30, 11 5:18 PM.
We went to Throne of the Four Winds today to try to kill Al`Akir. It was so insanely easy that even though we haven`t tried it before we downed him 3rd try, and the other tries was just fail because of miss-communication :P. Also 8 manned trash in BoT and 9 manned all bosses up to Cho`gall, fun times.

Nefarian Down BEFORE the patch

Death-Rage, Jun 28, 11 3:16 PM.
After 2 canceled raids we mustered our forces and went into Bwd for our 3rd night of trying nefarian... And we got him down on the second attempt! Excellent work everyone!. We got him before the nerfbat patch hit!. Sadly we never got to try Al`akir, but we will get him when we bother to do so ;P.


Nefarian first tries reaching phase3

Kafur, Jun 7, 11 5:25 PM.
Good job everyone on the first evening of trying Nefarian.

Reaching phase 3 getting him to 38%.

Updated  -16-6-2011- 8%


5 guys, 5 mounts, Zero Cups.

Death-Rage, May 30, 11 8:51 AM.
We decided to grab 5 guys and try to get the bear mount, 6 runs later (1 ZG, 5 ZA) we had 5 bear mounts ;).
Gratts to those who joined!.
How did we do 5 ZA`s in a row you ask?. Well I had this theory, that if you complete a ZG, but don`t complete a ZA afterwards, you get ZA again til you complete it. And it seems I was correct, so happy hunting those of you out there who want a mount! :p.

Cho`gall not looking so good anymore!

Death-Rage, May 16, 11 6:44 PM.
So after clearing Bwd up to (not including) neffy like usual we went for our second try ever on Cho`Gall... and what happened? We downed him on the first try and with only one dead (at the last second) Stellar job everyone! Epic performance :).


Twilight Ascendant Council

Kafur, May 11, 11 5:52 PM.
Deathrage has been lazy due to playing mortal kombat ;P. Here are the news that should have been posted on Tuesday!.

Twilight Ascendant Council down.

21% at Cho'gall, great job everyone.

Dead Tauren in place as usual! 

- Kafur


Conclave of Wind Down

Death-Rage, May 6, 11 6:21 PM.
We went into throne of four winds for the first time for about half an hour since we didn`t really have enough people for something decent, and got the first boss down. It was so easy people didn`t even bother to pose for a picture.

Atramedes Down

Kafur, Apr 28, 11 5:29 PM.
Atramedes down on the second attempt (first 10%) first time we did this boss so good job everyone!!


Valiona and Theralion down

Kafur, Apr 21, 11 5:21 PM.
After only doing BWD, Bleak Cabal moved into The Bastion of Twilight downing 2 bosses on their way.
Good Job!!



Raid Days Changed!

Death-Rage, Apr 17, 11 8:15 AM.
We are now raiding on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00-23:00.  We also Raid on Fridays from 19:00-23:00 If enough people sign.

Thank you! 

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